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How to become a volunteer?

By Joining WRBLO as an Associate Member your efforts could assist us to drive integral, dynamic, social investment to support a wide range of vital projects and services. You will be able to witness the transformation of deprived communities. Your membership can make a personal impact in the lives of many who live at ground-zero of poverty.

More about us

WRBLO provides funding through an evolving hub of integral dynamic social investors drawn from members of the Public and the African Diaspora, as well as Corporations who subscribe to an emerging business philosophy named ‘the Economics of Mutuality (EOM), pioneered by Bruno Roche, Chief Economist at Mars Corporation and Managing Director of Catalyst.   

We publish the potential benefits of individual and corporate investment in opportunities that facilitate grassroots economic growth. We are often asked the question of why we raise funds and seek investment to assist relatively obscure and impoverished communities: we answer, we have discovered an immense new source of wealth in those communities; the people!   

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