Hybrid Learning Centers

WRBLO wish to provide a community focussed project that promotes the motto of ‘We Rise By Lifting Others’ , relieving endemic poverty by advancing general healthcare; advancing education; community upgrading; and promoting community cohesion; through financial inclusion and economic growth, for millions of sub-Saharan African citizens living in deprived communities. Through these proposed Hybrid Learning Centres, these objectives can be achieved rapidly in the space that is being designed to encapsulate the ethos of WRBLO.

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Key elements of HLC design

WRBLO aims to deliver five pillars of learning to the very poor, orphans or unwanted children within its Hybrid Learning Centres. These pillars consist of:

  1. Academics: read and write
  2. Digital: developing websites, apps and e-commerce
  3. Vocational: understanding the value of money and manufacturing
  4. Agriculture: supporting the HLCs community’s ability to feed itself
  5. Business: operating small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

The concept design of the Hybrid Learning Centre (HLC) specialises in delivering five pillars of learning to rapidly foster local productivity and economic growth.

Other key elements of the design include:

  • Classrooms and workshops for both individual and group learning.
  • Small group learning spaces outside of the working classrooms.
  • Planting new and nurturing existing fruit and food-bearing trees enables HLCs to be self-sufficient.
  • Indoor and outdoor spaces for agricultural learning both practical and academic.
  • A worship lecture/concert/performing arts hall that can be separated or expanded by dividers for a combination of smaller spaces for worship/lectures/orchestral/singing/performing arts.
  • Shared courtyards for group learning or play activity spaces.
  • A variety of skills-building workshops.
  • Open grounds to encourage physical education and sport as a career path (swimming, athletics, football, netball, basketball, etc)

Learning Curriculum

The HLC curriculum caters to children’s natural rhythm of learning. It enables them to acquire an understanding of the world around them and gives them the means to become independent, collaborative, committed, and enthusiastic learners that can be encouraged to grow into compassionate, productive and engaged individuals.

The lesson plans are weekly theme-based guides for designing what a teacher and learners will focus on for one week. It guides and integrates the lesson plan for teaching all subjects, to all learning levels, within the context of the central theme.

The designed Learning experiences are student centered and capable of guiding the implementation of high quality, engaging innovative teaching and learning processes that satisfies the needs of our future young citizens.

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