Our Founder Howard Douglas

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Howard is vibrant, resilient, and passionate. He was born in the UK and is the eldest of four children born to Jamaican parents. His Dad has had a resoundingly positive impact in his life as a loving and supportive father.

During childhood, Howard developed a sense of purpose which was inspired by his Dad’s strong faith in GOD and the Biblical Principles, his Dad consistently instilled in his children. Howard was enthralled by fascinating accounts he read from The Bible to the degree he ofter imagined being a participating character in the events he studied and absorbed.

Like his Dad, Howard became an activist defending the rights of poor black people which Howard acknowledges to be his Dad’s legacy. In 1978, the BBC produced a documentary that provided some insight into the early struggles that his Dad encountered. The Everyman Production was entitled Gospel Heroes and captured the reliance and fortitude of HIS Dad, the late Reverend Ken Douglas and his Anchor of Faith in GOD.

Being alarmed at the disparity in living standards across Africa, Howard is honoured to be carrying the baton of his Dad’s legacy, assisting Deprived Communities in Africa in collaboration with Integral Dynamic Social Investors, to deliver real impact by cultivating and planting seeds of innovation at ground zero of poverty, where sustainable change is needed most. Howard’s experience in Uganda has had a profound impact and awakened a deep desire to make a sustainable difference through the application of effective solutions to disrupt poverty.

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