Mission & Vision

WRBLO / Mission & Vision


Much of sub-Saharan Africa experiences the effects of abject poverty even though its soil is fertile and contains considerable deposits of valuable minerals and tradable commodities. 

It is evident that well-meaning charitable efforts are not keeping pace with endemic poverty in Deprived Communities and unable to make the impact required to deliver economic at ‘ground zero of poverty. 

We believe that if better outcomes are to be achieved, the natural resilience and entrepreneurial culture that is alive in these communities’ needs to be enabled to produce a future of sustainable economic growth bsupporting innovative endeavours that delivers a harvest of positive impact, for health, well-being and economic growth. 


WRBLO invites grassroots organisations with a verifiable track record of service to submit proposals that are verified and evaluated as being innovative and meaningful to the betterment of the communities in which they are designed to serve.  

We publish funding calls, in regional language carried by local press, radio and television. All respondent proposals are received through a highly efficient digital platform that extrapolates the information our panel of our internal evaluators who are required to filter and determine those applications that are most likely to succeed.    

Worthy applications are awarded staged grant funding from the Deprived Communities Fund that holds revenues raised from public donations and business sponsorship 


WRBLO will raise as much as we can for the implementation or expansion of projects and services that provide solutions in to issues arising from:  

  • Poverty    
  • Healthcare  
  • Community Development  
  • Community Cohesion  
  • Financial Inclusion  
  • Local Agriculture   
  • Business Enterprise

Our fundraising is activities are transparent. We ask for public and corporate donations by showcasing and campaigning to raise awareness and funding for ‘Worthy Projects’ and a range of good causes through digital marketing, TV advertising, and the specialised fundraising of our Associate Members.  

We take every precaution to ensure that all representatives of recipient organisations are screened through international fraud and terrorism databases (including those of the U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control) to ensure no breach of U.S. Patriot Act guidelines.

With Your Help, We Can All Make A Difference. Be The Change.