Mission & Vision

WRBLO / Mission & Vision


Sub-Saharan Africa experiences the effects of abject poverty even though its soil is fertile and holds considerable deposits of valuable minerals and tradable commodities.

Well-meaning charitable efforts are not keeping pace with increase of endemic poverty and are insufficient to make the impact needed to deliver adequate economic benefit at ‘ground zero’ of poverty.

We believe that if better outcomes are to facilitated and achieved, the stoic resilience, entrepreneurial culture and extraordinary talent that is alive and ever-present within these communities will need structural social investment to be targeted at the grassroots where sustainable economic growth can be generated. WRBLO will support innovative ideas, and constructive endeavours that are able to deliver recurring harvests of positive impact, for health, well-being, of deprived communities.


WRBLO invites grassroots charitble organisations with a verifiable track record of service to submit proposals that WRBLO can confirm to be innovative and essential for the betterment of the communities they are being implemented to serve.

WRBLO will publish funding calls, through local press, radio, and television to organically generate applications from charitable organisations who make a solid and principled case for funding. All submitted plans and proposals we receive are to be channelled through our bespoke digital platform which extrapolates detailed information to enable our professionally diverse skilled panel of evaluators, to assess and agree adequate levels of support to proposals that will succeed and that add value to the life of beneficiary communities. Staged payments will be made to successful applicant organisations from the Deprived Communities Fund (DCF) with the revenues that WRBLO raise from Corporate and Public Donations.


WRBLO is raising funding for the implementation or expansion of the much-needed community projects and services that can provide tangible solutions that address any of the following eight social issues:

  • Poverty
  • Healthcare
  • Community Development
  • Community Cohesion
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Local Agriculture
  • Business Enterprise
  • Community building and infrastructure

WRBLO will energetically raise awareness of the work of the unsung charitable organisations we support in their community purposes.
We will also publish special praise through our select PR campaigns focused on the Corporate Sponsors and Donors who support these communities by investing in the implementation of  essential projects and services they can support through WRBLO.

With Your Help, We Can All Make A Difference. Be The Change.