WRBLO Code of Conduct

WRBLO / WRBLO Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct (‘Code’) document sets out what we stand for as an organisation. The code enables our Employees, Associates Members, Business Sponsors, Donors etc, understand what WRBLO stands for, and help to ensure the right choices are made, while carrying out WRBLO’s mission to create and deliver a financially inclusive future, for deprived communities throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, through our ‘Specialised Social Responsibility flagship Programme’ (SSR).

The ‘Code’ is supported by the WRBLO Anti Financial Crime Policies and the Fundraising Code.

The Code of Conduct (‘Code’) outlines how you can ensure that moral business practices are upheld, and ethical decisions are taken and provides guidance in the following specific areas.

You must read and follow the provisions of the Fundraising Code issued by the Fundraising Regulator, especially the sections on “Responsibilities of charitable institutions and those who govern them”, which includes to act in the best interests of WRBLO and follow ethical fundraising practices. Fundraising Ambassadors should pay further attention to the section on “Behaviour when fundraising”.

You must be disciplined, responsible and accountable for the risks you take. All risks must be within the scope of your authority/delegated authority.

You must comply with laws and regulations on anti-money laundering, preventing financing for terrorism, bribery, corruption, fraud and sanctions, which have been outlined in this Policy. Directors must ensure that all legal requirements under company law and laws applicable to CICs, including reporting requirements to various regulators (Companies House, Information Commissioner, HMRC, and CIC Regulator) are complied with.

You are personally responsible for identifying, assessing and managing conflicts of interest that arise in daily working life. Any personal interest in a WRBLO funded project or business relationship must be declared at the outset, even if such a project or relationship is merely in consideration

You must ensure you are open and honest in your internal and external communications. Directors and relevant employees must ensure that WRBLO’s annual report accurately states its financial affairs, including highlighting its operating costs and any commissions paid to Fundraising Ambassadors, influencers or other parties.

All dealings with government or quasi-governmental bodies must be transparent, and any payments made must be recorded in WRBLO’s accounts.

You have a responsibility to speak up when you see anything that you are either not comfortable with or that goes against WRBLO’s culture of strong ethics, integrity and transparency. This includes if you are aware of, or suspect, impropriety by others.