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About Me: IT Development Team (Field Audit Operations)

I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and I am a professional software developer since 2010, based in Kampala, I am proficient at both web and mobile technologies.

What inspired you to join WRBLO?

I can assist WRBLO with my skills in the tech space. I am passionate about helping people improve their livelihoods, WRBLO offers me a unique platform to be able to do that as I believe that creating opportunities for people in deprived communities will become widespread and lead to positive change for our nation.

What do you do in your free time?

I do not have very much free time, but I spend all I can with my family, we love to travel, meet new people. I also like to engage in DIY projects, and participate in tech events and keep up to date by reading tech news and articles.

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