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About Me: Audit Team Member  (Administration)

In 2017, I graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Accounting from Makerere University Business School. During this time, I was part of ‘’Inspirational Voices Africa’’ a team that gathered unused items and distributed these to local ghetto communities.

Following graduation, I worked in the private sector as a brand ambassador for Uganda Breweries Limited. As a result of my marketing strategies, their sales margin soared. I then joined Vodafone Uganda Limited as a Sales Executive, leading a team of five to drive sales.

What inspired you to join WRBLO?

I am passionate about doing charity and helping others who are in need. With the little that I have, I still hold on to my dream to provide for children in Kampala’s ghetto communities by assisting them with basic needs, education and healthcare. I hope to be able to help them to be all they can be and to have a better future and help them to become good productive citizens. I joined WRBLO in 2018 because we share similar goals and objectives.

What do you do in your free time? 

I love children so I dedicate my free time to babysitting children in my neighbourhood. I also like to plant herbs and vegetables around our backyard in tins and old plastics. I also rear chicken and take care of my family’s cow and her two calves.

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