WRBLO is a charitable organization that was founded in 2017, to help to combat extreme poverty. We put emphasis on health care support, supporting and developing local education, community development, promoting community cohesion and developing the economy of the region and local’s financial situation. We aim to help sub-Saharan African countries, particularly Uganda, where aid is most needed and where organizations such as the WRBLO, through their volunteers, feel they have a greater role to play.

The organization’s four pillars are volunteering, support, membership, and friendship, and through those values, WRBLO always seeks to collect funds and investments to make communities more developed, or at least that they can wake up to a new tomorrow, believing that the future can be bright.

WRBLO’s initiatives tend to become effective and tend to bring social and cultural development activities to sub-Saharan African countries, in this case, Uganda. 

WRBLO is delivering two important campaigns for two regions located in Uganda: one in Kisiizi and another one in Ihunga, separated by 40 kilometres.

For Kisiizi, the Hospital founded in 1958, needs equipment, staff, and improvement on the structure, to provide the best support to the community. 

The Ihunga Community, located 50 kilometres from Kabale Town, is having the support of EDIRISA UK, a charity working in Southwest Uganda, and to fight the poverty, their needs are: household water tanks and improvement on the houses’ structure. 

The importance of social impact tends to be great, as communities in sub-Saharan African countries do not have the basic needs important for their development. 

Through the WRBLO their needs can be met, by delivering a very positive impact on health, well-being, and economic growth. 

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